Welcome to The Wacky Wheeler

***Retirement Announcement***

Well it's official, as of December 2018, Melvin the Wacky Wheeler is hanging up his golden boots and his gigantic circle of mirth to enjoy a quieter less physically demanding existence. After nearly 19 year and 1200 + parades and fair appearances he has decided that the mirth making and whimsy spreading best be left to the young up and coming performers out there.

In all those years in his 'elaborate job avoidance scheme' his roving wheel took him to so many places, to numerous to mention. Some of the highlights include: Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Oklahoma, Kentucky, North Carolina state fairs as well as Americas Fair in Buffalo New York, and countless parades including the Houston Art Car Parade, The Indy 500 Parade, the Buchannon Strawberry parade in West Virginia, and the National Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington D.C. as well as countless local and regional parades all over the Midwest. It was quite a journey.

Quick Facts:

  • Melvin Hails from Madison Wisconsin.
  • He has performed in over 1200 events since 1999, and retired in 2018.
  • The wheel itself is 4' wide, 10' tall, and weighs 300 #'s.
  • Before he was the Wacky Wheeler he performed as a skateboarder, trapeze artist, stiltwalker and pogo stick expert.
  • Melvin was 56 years old when he retired, his knees told him they no longer wanted to participate in the folly.
  • Before becoming the Wacky Wheeler he performed as a skateboarder, trapeze artist, stilt walker and pogo stick expert. His future holds opportunity to become a better juggler which he works hard at, as well as potentially taking up the fine art of High Wheel bicycle or Penny Farthing riding. Who knows you may see him on a wheel in a parade sometime in the future.

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